Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Trendsetterz will be seen as an organization fully focused on minimizing challenges faced by its clients by offering them wide range of technological solutions and services.


The business mission of Trendsetterz is "excellence in expertise" - expertise in technological solutions, organizational culture and people at large.

Our Values

• Valuing people with us.

• Developing diverse and unconventional solutions.

• Creating a learning organization.

• Ensuring high customer satisfaction for long term relationships.

• Giving back to the society.

•  Cherishing our success.

Our Logo

In our logo Lord Ganesha’s trunk and his eye merges to form ’t’ i.e. Trendsetterz. Eye at an angle of 45 degree points to maximum growth. The shine on the logo is an indicator of our artistic touch on our projects complemented by the base colour orange signifying enthusiasm, creativity and agility.