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At Trendsetterz we do not believe in reinventing the wheel. We rather emphasize on using the existing technologies to bring out a solution. We focus on developing a team which is strong and competent on the technologies through a learning culture atTrendsetterz. We empower our team thus they empower us.

Field Data Collector

“Now collecting data even from the remotest location is possible. Just collect the data offline and it automatically reaches the server as the network becomes available."


Hindi Font Converter (Saral)

“Saral application is an innovation in the field of font conversion applications. True type hindi fonts are often not readable on web which restricts the information sharing. Saral converts true type hindi fonts to Unicode hindi fonts."


ODC (Offline Data Collector)

“Excel Forms is a solution which could be used for form designing, form download, data collection through the form in offline mode, i.e. absence of network connectivity &data upload to the server."