Case Study

Geo Tagging of Kumbh Mela Area

Business Challenges:

Mela was spread in 60 km2 area. It was only the vast Ganga shinning bank with sand on the day we started. Officials told us that this city is supposed to be inhabited within one month and 100 million crowd is expected here, it was the month of November in 2012. Whole Mela area with all its 14 sectors, road networks, government offices, shops, police stations, fire stations, sansthas, pontoon bridges were proposed to be surveyed through geo-tagging. Initially there was no mobile network connectivity in the Mela area. That was big challenge for us and a really good opportunity to prove the quality work of 'Trendsetterz'.


Since there was no mobile connectivity, we were supposed to develop an offline solution, a solution to enable the surveyors to tag location even when their devices were not in network. Due to the excellent work of our team we built an android application for the surveyors which can load the list of locations to be surveyed based on their login details. We came up with a solution where we provided android mobile devices with GPS capabilities and the solution was made such that whole surveyed data could be synced when the mobile gets into network. Our survey team was all set to utilize the excellent work of our development team. Team surveyed sector boundaries, road networks, and bridges first. There were around 500 government offices including police stations, fire stations, bus stations, food stores, help desks, electricity offices, etc. Team surveyed these offices with ease. Now the biggest challenge was to tag 4000 locations that were sanstha. Team prepared good plan on this and did accordingly. That was really a great feeling to see whole Mela area geo-tagged. We were feeling blessed by the Ganga.


We made Mela interactive map online wherein one can see how the 4,000 camps have been allotted in the 193.5 hectare sprawling campus. In these maps, details of the sector markets, sector offices, ration shops and important religious places were given. This technology was really going to help Mela officials and staff. Official and staff can get the proper location of every police station, bus station, fire station and other important places of the Mela area. Local visitors can get the exact route to their destination. This GIS was going to help foreign visitors a lot now they don’t need any assistance from other. Their guide was going to be in their palm helping them to find their way.

What Media Said:

“Why twins can no longer get separated at Kumbh Mela”-IBN LIVE

“'Sangam' of technology and tradition at Kumbh”-DNA INDIA   "

“No one will get lost at Kumbh anymore”-THE TIMES OF INDIA   "

“अब आपकी जेब में होगा कुंभ का ‘गाइड’”-AMAR UJALA  "

“GPS से online होगी कुंभ से जुड़ी हर जानकारी”-INEXTLIVE  "

“कुंभ मेला भी हाईटेक हो गया है|”-BBC HINDI    "


Client Testimonial

  • Trendsetterz are way different from other IT solutions and services providers, they have a very innovative approach towards the problems. They are very well aware of every latest technology in the market and they have great convincing abilities. In spite of having a small team they managed such a big project outstandingly.

    Mr. Mani Prasad MishraKumbh Mela Adhikari