Mobility is Freedom.

Stay connected with your employees, partners and customers anytime, anywhere.


We specialize in development of cloud applications focusing on Microsoft Azure, Amazon and Google cloud platforms. These platforms promise to move the focus of cloud computing to the application level. Cloud based applications can guarantee consistent and dependable access to your data when you and your clients equire it. Trendsetterz builds your projects with the scalability, easy maintenance and flexibility you want. Our cloud services include:

•  Migration to Cloud.
•  General Cloud based Development.
•  Cloud Architecture Consulting.
•  Development on Cloud Platforms.
•  Maintenance and Support for Applications on Cloud.
•  Internal or Private Cloud Implementation.
•  Performance Management and Monitoring.


The world is rapidly moving towards billions of Internet-connected users, tens of billions of connected consumer smart devices and hundreds of billions of commercially connected smart devices. These new smart devices are creating huge opportunities for solution delivery on mobile platforms and allowing users to stretch arms and come out of conventional way of working.

It is not just about delivering solutions on mobile devices but, it is really about doing things from anywhere at any time. This is a significant change of how system integration will work in coming future. We tapped this change in scenario and changed the way we used to design solutions, now mobility is a major component of most of the solutions designed by Trendsetterz.

At Trendsetterz we deliver the solutions that prepare our clients and their customers to meet the requirements and harness the benefits that mobility presents.

Our Mobile Application Development services are professional and diverse. Regardless of the nature of your application needs.

Trendsetterz’ mobile application development services include:

•  Productivity Apps
•  Mobile Client Software
•  Games and Multimedia Apps
•  Internet Apps

We offer quality mobile development services for the following:

•  Android
•  iPad
•  iPhone
•  Blackberry
•  Windows Phone
•  Cross Platform

IT Consulting

To add value to client businesses, Trendsetterz offers IT consulting services meeting the enterprise objective of sustainable growth with a competition edge. We suggest latest technology solutions and industry tested practices with our unrivalled expertise. Trendsetterz understands that one of the most valuable attributes we can offer our clients is providing a flexible, creative, and personalized approach to every engagement. Our consultancy services include:

•  Software development project planning and design.
•  Recommendations on business and technological compatibility.
•  Solution customization and implementation.


Branding encompasses all the ways in which a company is identified. Our expert team combines great ideas, creativity and software skills to give you corporate brand identity.

Our branding services involve:

•  Brand Packaging.
•  Visual Expression Designing.
•  Communication Campaigns.
•  Consumer / Product Position.
•  Retail / Event design.
•  Digital Properties.
•  Brand Messaging.
•  Interactive Kiosks.