Case Study

Statistical Surveyor : Android Application

Bihar government started a project to monitor the situation of agricultural crop and irrigated/non irrigated area of land in their state. In this project Bihar government organize a survey program to collect data from root level and submit to centralized server to get broad picture of agriculture resources. This project is started under observation of Bihar e-Governance Services & Technologies Limited (BeST)

Business Challenges:

Agriculture is the vital source of wealth in Bihar. 76% of its population is engaged in agricultural pursuits. Bihar’s productive contribution in food grain, fruit, vegetables, spices and flowers can increase manifold with improved methods and system management.

Agriculture department of Bihar wanted to collect details of all lands of every village with their crops of different seasons (like Aghani, Bhadai), and they required a Statistical Report to analyze agriculture status of state. Data collection in No Network Area and uploading the data on centralized server was the biggest issue of the project, and they required an efficient and secured platform to show the data in form of reports and charts. Challenge was given to Trensetterz to provide a solution.


We opts Microsoft SharePoint 2010 as web platform, Android tablet as data collector device with our specific android application “Surveyor” and “Autouploader” as Window application utility.

SharePoint 2010 provides a secured and well managed web platform. Trendsetterz used this platform to show the statistical data in form of charts and reports.

Surveyor is an android application, use to collect data for Bihar statistical application. This application contains the record of all districts, blocks and villages of Bihar. It facilitates electronic survey form on tablet PC. In this survey form surveyor can insert all required data of statistical details even in No Network Area. This data is uploaded automatically to sever when device detects network.

Bihar statistical application has functionality to update data time by time. To make this process easy for surveyors Trendsetterz developed the Autouploader utility. Autouploader is a window application which is used to automatically copy the data from inserte android device and upload it to the server. Uploading process first checks the Data format and uniqueness then uploads it to the server.


• Native Smartphone/Mobile client application providing rich data entry interface.    • Capable of working completely offline in absence of internet / network.    • User friendly, Secure Access to the application and MIS data.    • Easy to monitor progress of survey project and able to take necessary action.


Client Testimonial

  • “These Guys made Statistical analysis very easy. I am thankful to them for giving us off-site and on-site support.”

    Mr. Rishi GuptaSenior Project Manager Bihar e-Governance Services & Technologies Limited (BeST)