Case Study

iPhone Application for Parcel Delivery Company

The client is based at Singapore and manages local parcel delivery services. Client wanted to upgrade the parcel delivery system and customer satisfaction by delivering parcels within time.

Business Challenges:

Client had bikers who used to deliver parcel from their pick-up site to delivery site within one hour. When any request used to arrive, closest biker was instructed to proceed directly to the pick-up site and then directly go to the delivery without stopping for other deliveries. This delivery was supposed to done within one hour. Client had problem that he was not able to get the status of the parcel and availability of the bikers. Customers were also not satisfied because they were not getting the status of the parcel in-between. Inspite of delivering parcels within declared time client and its customer were not satisfied.

Client wanted solution that can get the status of the parcel at any point of time and biker can update their status exactly at delivery time.


To resolve this problem Trendsetterz provided a Delivery System which can handle record of different kind of parcels online and a mobile application for Bikers and their customer. Mobile application was developed on I-OS platform for iPhone on which customers had feature to track their parcel and bikers can use that application to update the status of parcels.

For each assignment transaction number is allocated based on this number customer can track the status of the parcel. Biker can update the status of the parcel based on this transaction number as well. When parcel is delivered to its destination, biker gets signature of recipient on iPhone app. As soon as signature gets done administrator can know that parcel has been delivered and other job can be assigned to the biker. At the same time sender of the parcel gets message about successful delivery of the parcel. Transaction Admin can store and display different transactions and their states if transaction pending or failed. Everything is displayed in Real Time i.e. Admin can see all the details of any event as soon as it occurs. System is very flexible to store the data from different sources. Many web APIs are developed to interact from outside world to get status/information of different delivery of transaction.


• Automated Parcel tracking using GPS,   •Enhanced professionalization of biker,   •Deduction in customer support expense,    •Real time decision making from administrator,    • Higher customer satisfaction,    • Increased reliability due to signature facility in app,    • Increased reliability due to signature facility in app,    • Maximum utilization of resources.


Client Testimonial

  • “Modern technology has been advancing at a rapid rate. We can operate more efficiently now, thanks to Trendsetterz”

    Yi Ling