Case Study

Lucknow Book Fair

“Lucknow Book Fair is acclaimed as one of the best book fairs in India. It is one of the biggest annual events in the city visited by a large number of people from all walks of society time and again.”

Business Challenges:

The success or failure of any public event is determined by its awareness and proper marketing among users. National Book Fair, Lucknow was concerned about the turnaround of youth in book fair. To tap a tech-savvy generation and attract it to books was a big challenge for the authorities. We needed to create a good learning and sharing experience for the readers. This was the first digital interaction project at Trendsetterz, we had the ideas, the implementers but not the experience. We were able to convince the Lucknow Book Fair Team and now it was time to convince ourselves. We had a lot to do and just 3 days with us.


To make the National Book Fair, interactive we came out with two solutions. First was a virtual tour of 30,000 Sq. Ft Book Fair area, through which visitors could find the directions to book stalls, lounges and other utilities. Second solution involved a fun activity for the visitors, we had no idea that this activity is soon going to become the major attraction of National Book Fair, Lucknow. This attraction was a literature based quiz for all age groups. We developed a quiz application which requires the player name, contact number and e-mail ID to log in. Once the player logs into the quiz with their details they have to answer five literature related questions by touching any of the four options on the screen within 10 seconds. At the end of the quiz the individual score of the player based on their performance is displayed on the screen. User could then share their scores on Facebook or Twitter through the same device. The score gets posted on their timeline and is visible to their friends.


We installed our kiosks near the entrance of Book Fair. Mr. Raj Shekhar District Magistrate, Lucknow inaugurated the kiosks. In the beginning visitors were skeptical regarding the use of IT in book fair, but our kiosks were soon flooded with visitors eager to play the quiz. As expected by the Book Fair Authorities the turnout of visitors improved considerably. More than 1000 people participated in the quiz and shared their scores on social media. Kiosks also helped people in finding out the publishers, book stalls and directions. Our application ran uninterrupted till the book fair ended. This was the first public digital interaction experience in Lucknow, visitors were happy, organizing committee was happy and we were cherishing our success.