Case Study

Kinara (An ipad Application for Restaurant)

The client is based at Singapore and manages multiple chain of restaurants. It is one of the best restaurants in the region. Following the technology, Restaurant promised an ambitious renovation initiative and customer service upgrades.

Business Challenges:

“The secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out” this sentence coruscated in our mind when we met our client. Client told us our restaurant serves more than 200 customers daily. He needs ipad application for his restaurant. The name he gave to the application was “Kinara” .

“We need application that can help us in improving overall customer services, making staff more efficient, and our more restaurant famous”-Eddy Tan ,Chief Manager Marketing & Services. “Kinara” was supposed to address the order response time, visualize the areas of customer demand, staff efficiency, proper billing, marketing and overall customer related services. “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. Mr. Tan knew that very well and very soon our plates were full. We had delicious dinner. While having dinner we analyzed the problem statement. Our Application must be able to reduce delivery time. Customer must be able to select food items, edit selection of food item, must be able to provide feedback on social media as well. Admin must be able to add employees, edit their information, and remove employees from the employee database. Menu items must be added, edited, and deleted from the menu item database. Items that can be ordered must be able to be added and removed from an order. All employees must be able to clock in and clock out. Servers must be able to do what all employees do as well as take orders. Managers should be able to do what all employees do and be able to edit item and employee information and generate reports. Reports that should be generated include sales reports showing sales by food category and the total sales from the start of the day. Orders should also be stored in the database to be used to calculate total sales


A schedule of tasks for the project was developed. Estimates for time and resources were calculated based on developed work breakdown structure (WBS) for the project. Based on the WBS, tasks were assigned to members of the development team. The project team was compromised of a group of individuals with diverse programming and technical backgrounds. Management was partially done via electronic means such as email and phone calls. Design of the Kinara included both architectural and subsystem design. Because the nature of the project very attractive UI was required. Our designers never let us down. Programming team was very much familiar to the latest technologies .The team identified the responsibility matrix as the management construct most useful for managing the project, coordinating activities and tracking continuous improvement and overall success. All team members were assigned tasks, and everyone was held accountable for the completion of their assigned tasks. The responsibility matrix also allowed the team to track tasks that need to be done. We performed reliability, security, and usability before delivering the product to the client.


Tabbed Menu.   • Windows, ipad, Mac compatibility,   • 2D based Table Layout for users to book table online,    • Enhanced Inventory system that manages Restaurant inventories,   •Smooth tracking of orders from employees,    • Integration with Kitchen printers, Cash Register and POS Printer saving time of employees,    • In built Cash Register that manages overall flow of monetary transactions,    • Customer relations management keeping track of all the customers, their purchase history, special orders and more,    • Feedback on Social Network,    • Easy in-store operations and customer services.


Client Testimonial

  • “I was surprised by how easily Trendsetterz developed this application.

    Eddy TanChief Manager Marketing & Services