Case Study

Android Application for Save the Orchard Campaign

Honorable Chief Minister of Bihar took an initiative in this direction and launched the state's Bagicha Bachao Abhiyan (Save the Orchards Campaign). Under this project Bihar government organized a survey program to collect data from root level and submit it to centralized server. This data was going to be utilized for the sake of Bagicha Bachao Abhiyan. This project is started under observation of Bihar e-Governance Services & Technologies Limited (BeST).

Business Challenges:

Bihar is the third largest producer of vegetables and fourth largest producer of fruits in the country. For continuous improvement and motivation, government was running ‘Save the Orchards Campaign’ where the area of operation was geographically spread over a large area, the work of collecting field data and project progress information was a definite challenge. Till then, field staff spent a substantial amount of time in filling up and creating reports in spreadsheets at the end of the day, several hours after the incidences of the day, relying on their ability to recall the day's work activities. Carrying a laptop while doing field work/data collection, is very inconvenient and adds burden to the field staff’s. Due to this there were problems like:

• Chances of Manual computation error were very high.
• No centralized database was available at central level across various categories.
• Delay in the data collection was resulting in delay of MIS reports preparation.
• Orchards Campaign needed survey of Orchards and generation of MIS reports and tagging of Orchard locations on Google map.


BeST proposed a hand handled device based web solution to overcome the problem and difficulties during survey data collection.
Trensetterz was selected for doing the job.

We developed Application that has two cooperating applications, web application hosted on Cloud with smart phone application “Field data collector”. A hand handled device based application was developed which contains the prescribed survey form as per survey requirement. Field staffs can carry handheld device with preloaded application. During survey, surveyor can fill up the required information and capture geo tagged time stamped photographs directly onto the device. Data collected during the field visit of the Orchard can be automatically archived and available for data mining / analysis.
Data report of Orchard with actual site images along with their Geo-coordinates build a centralized data base with their mapping on the Google Maps.


• Minimized project timeline    • One device that integrates data entry, regular phone usage and image capture making it easier for field staff to operate easily    •Sync data using cellular GPRS implying remote locations operation possible as long as cell phone network exists    •Centralized data base of the orchards with their varieties.


Client Testimonial

  • “This inspection system established an accurate data collection mechanism for an Orchard with different varieties of fruits and helped staff who prepared MIS reports.”

    Mr. Rishi GuptaSenior Project Manager Bihar e-Governance Services & Technologies Limited (BeST)